The term ‘paint correction’ is constantly mentioned among car enthusiasts, professional detailers and valeters.  But do you know what it is, or how it could benefit your car?

Here at Carbon Detailing, we like to demystify the process, so you can love it just as much as the day it arrived.


What is Paint Correction?

Over time your vehicle will be exposed to many different elements that will naturally cause the paintwork to wear such as tree sap, bird droppings and iron filings which etch into the paint along with the use of incorrect cleaning methods and products which can leave the car covered in swirl marks and even fine scratches.

To correct these issues an experienced, professional detailer can carry out a series of different staged machine polishes and wet sanding to remove the imperfections* and to restore the paintwork to its original condition.

Why do you need it?

By correcting your cars paintwork you are not only enhancing the look of the vehicle but also helping to maintain the value.  The benefits of investing in the upkeep of your vehicle will be seen in the resale value.  It is likened to regular vehicle service. All of our corrections are followed up with an application of ceramic coating paint protection. To read the step by step process we carry out at Carbon Detailing, click here.

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*please note, not all imperfections can be corrected.