Wandsworth Specialised Car Detailing & Valeting

Wandsworth has more than its share of fine and prestige cars and we have provided this select market with a specialised car detailing and valeting service since 2004. We create bespoke valeting packages for each customer, tailoring each to a vehicle’s requirements. For a completely bespoke service, take a look at the following services that we provide and, if you are interested, contact us to find out more. We’re happy to help to clarify any of our services with you as we recognise that trust is a key ingredient when dealing with very special vehicles.

Entry Level Detail

An Entry Level Detail is where it all begins. After a vehicle has benefitted from this service, additional services are available to further enhance the car’s appearance and protect it from deterioration.

New Car Paint Protection

Nothing in life is perfect and even a brand-new car can benefit from some small paint corrections. Your vehicle will, firstly, be inspected in minute detail to determine whether there is any rectification required, and if so, how much and what processes will be needed.

Paint Correction Package

A Paint Correction Package involves your vehicle being inspected at your choice location, in Wandsworth or elsewhere, to determine the level of correction required. We recommend a three-stage machine polish be carried out to remove swirl marks, scratches, etchings caused by bird droppings, tree sap and previous washing/cleaning attempts.

Regular Maintenance Detail

A Regular Maintenance Detail is the best way to keep your vehicle’s appearance in top condition. If it has already had one of our paint correction/protection services, then a regular maintenance package will return the vehicle to an impeccable condition.

Our specialty is the beatification of Wandsworth’s finest cars, revealing the innate quality in a vehicle’s finish. We provide a convenient and discrete service, minimising disruption by coming to you at your choice of location. Our services can be tailored to meet your needs, building a bespoke package with your requirements at its very heart. Pride in our work and the quality of our service shine through in everything we do. Please contact us below if you would like to discuss further.